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1.      How long has the club been operating?

Southland was founded in 2014 through a merger of how 2 local clubs USSA-DUFC (1998) & Dabrico United (2007)


2.      What are the advantages of join southland vs another club?

Our club takes pride in our low fees and high-quality player development from licensed professional coaches. We are a family oriented club that do not based our success on wins but celebrate the success of our player and their families.


3.      How much is the cost and is there a payment plan?

Our cost is in the range of $290 – $320 per season

In terms of payment plans – There is 3 pay periods

(1)   $100 deposit due at registration

(2)   $100 at the beginning of the season

(3)   Remainder of fees are due mid-season

Special payment plans can also be done upon request.


4.      How often are practices and games?

During the Spring and Fall Season teams practice 2x a week and 1x a week during the Winter. (During the winter the club provides more training time with other training programs)


5.      Is there an additional fee for uniforms and what’s the process?

YES – Uniforms cost range from $100 – $130

This includes Shirt, Pants, Socks & Practice T-Shirt

Uniform order process:

(1)   After registration your Team Manager will send in a Uniform request.

(2)   You will receive a confirmation email from to buy your uniform

(3)   Uniforms will take about 2-3 weeks to be received


6.      If I have further questions who do I contact?

For any question regarding your team your first contact should be the coach. If question is or concern is about the coach the Club DOC should be contacted.



7.      How do we order spirit wear?

You can order spirit wear on our team page at (


Choose the team route by sending a spirit wear request form located on our website to our equipment manager Scott Williams. (


8.      When are tryouts?

Our annual club tryouts are held in middle of spring season (Usually in May)

High school boy’s tryouts are held in November.

Southland does practice a ‘Drop-in’ procedure where players can drop in for tryout at any time during a season after contacting a coach


9.      Do you have a program to help a parent pay for soccer fees?

Yes – South does offer scholarship by application that needs to be accepted by the board. We also provide several fundraisers to help lower player fees


10.  Who do I contact for general questions?

You will need to contact the DOC for general inquires


11.  How far do travel teams travel for games?

For regular season games teams can travel up to 45miles for away games.

Tournaments are about the same unless they are out of state or country


12.  Do you have a train-only option available and if so what’s the cost?

Yes – The train only option can be offered by the coach or requested by the parent at any given time.


13.  Can a soccer player play down and up?

Players playing down or up is based on skill level and can only be requested by the coaches and not the parent or player. Club policy shows the coach should approach the coach of the for mentioned player before contacting the parent.


14.  How many games per season?

There are 8-10 games per season

15.  When will the schedule come out?

Southland will have practice schedules ready 1 month before the season begins.

Game schedules are controlled by the league and not Southland. The league usually provide schedules 2-3 weeks before the season begins


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